How do I change the batteries?
Open the Double O by rotating of the back cover (anti clockwise) insert the three AAA batteries with the positive ends facing in a anticlockwise direction. Please see the following movie.
How do I open the light?
Please see the following movie
How often to I need to change the batteries?
The unit is designed to have great battery life but will ultimately be determined by how often you use it. The on/off button has a long press so the light is not turned on by accident. When the battery is running low the top LED will flash intermittently as a reminder to replace batteries whiles still functioning.
How do I attach the bike light to the bike?
Please see the following movie.
What if the flexible strap breaks?
The strap is very hard wearing and is a durable long lasting component. In the event of it failing it is easily replaced by rotating the unit in half and replacing.
What if the LED's need changing?
The LED's in the unit have a exceptionally long life expectation of 50,000hrs. On average use we estimate these to last 40 - 50 years. When the LED's fail it is not economical to replace them.
How do I turn on and off / change the light functions?
On the back of the unit is a detailed flush soft button. For turning on / off is a long press to avoid accidental switching (0.75 sec) To cycle through functions is a instant press (0.02sec). Please see the following movie.