Double O®

Bike lights that are … simple, safe, secure

This might be the cleverest bike light ever

— Fastco Design

This bike light is as design-worthy as it is functional and intelligent

— Coolhunting

There are some basic problems with most bike lights that have never really been solved. None of these things are an issue with Double O® lights, though

— Coolmaterial


An in-built hard-wearing, flexible strap allows you to attach the Double O® to your bike

How to attach it to your bike
Lock your light to your bike

Lock with your bike for convenience and security

They snap together magnetically

Front and Rear lights snap together magnetically and fit through a D-Lock

We deliver light differently to others

Blinding Light
  • 85 LUMENS
  • How: Bright Leds placed close to each other
  • Result: A light that can be blinding for other cyclists and road users
Bright but not blinding
  • 85 LUMENS
  • How: Bright Leds spaced further apart
  • Result: A bright light but not blinding to others

Theft resistant

Up to 50hrs run time

Front light 85 Lumens

Rear light 50 Lumens

Water resistant

AAA Batteries


As a cyclist myself, I know how crucial it is to see and be seen as clearly as possible. That's what the Double O's do

— Paul Cocksedge
Designer of the Double O®